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Systems Design and Integration

Our System Design and Integration team are experts at providing both commercial and Department of Defense technical support in system design and integration. Our team weaves together and implements systems that provide technical superiority and battlefield awareness unsurpassed by any country on land, sea, undersea, and air. We have successfully implemented systems both ashore and afloat at over 100 sites in 12 countries. Our professional staff is highly trained and uses CMMI level 3 processes and procedures to implement demanding technical projects. The Department of Defense relies on FSI to design and implement upgrades of systems from proof of concept, to deployment, training, and successful operational use of the system. We have personnel whose experience cannot be easily duplicated. With deep experiential knowledge of secure end to end communications of the common submarine radio room to the installation of functioning VHF and HF systems on the rugged African coast, we can successfully make your project operational. FSI has the depth of knowledge of government systems that only comes from our extensive, hands-on experience and a passion for performance. We consistently deliver technology and performance that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations and constantly strive for the best, cost-effective, most impactful solution. From the front office to the most remote, rugged boarder region, FSI can create, adapt, and implement your enterprises technological future today.