Database, Data Science and Machine Learning Solutions help you track, analyze and gain critical insight from your business data.

Data sits at the heart of today’s digital world and database applications sit at the heart of the connected enterprise. Data science and machine learning allow us to see trends, analyze behaviors, and discover vital business relationships.

FSI has helped businesses of all sizes transform their legacy databases and spreadsheet-based systems into flexible, functional, expertly designed, and implemented business tools that provide competitive advantage while saving time and money.

FSI data science and machine learning solutions can help you quickly and securely process large amounts of data, drive better business decisions, and dramatically grow your business.

Data Science and Machine Learning Example

Office of Naval Research: Dynamic Feature and Semantic-Based Visualization” (DFSV)

Database Applications Case Study

FSI was tasked with creating an advanced database-driven software system to replace the manual, Excel-based bid management and tracking process for Neal Electric, which provides high quality electrical services.

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