Context is everything. FSI's GIS Application Development solutions provide a method of distributing and visualizing geospatial information in a meaningful way.

In order to present the most relevant geospatial information within a meaningful context to decision makers, FSI has implemented a variety of role and context-relevant visualization frameworks capable of dynamically styling and rendering GIS data to use within specialized domains.

By utilizing open-standard based-services and multiple visualization sources, we help commercial and government entities enhance and extend commercial and open-source applications. With FSI's GIS development solutions, your systems can become:

  • More useful in answering GIS questions and providing deep knowledge
  • A resource to visually fuse data associated with a specific entity within a geospatial context
  • A helpful tool in analyzing big data in a rapid and efficient manner
  • The go-to to retrieve relevant information for customer decision making systems
  • A way to receive data in a digestible report that supports rapid decision making
  • A portal for clearly rendered and styled data aggregations for turning GIS knowledge into meaningful domain insights

We look forward to discussing your GIS application system needs.

GIS Application Development Case Study: U.S. Navy

FSI’s geospatial solutions are a cornerstone of the U.S. Navy’s Information Dominance next generation systems, including:

  • The Command and Control (C2) Rapid Prototype Continuum (C2RPC)
  • Navy Tactical Cloud (NTC)
  • Maritime Tactical C2 (MTC2)
  • The Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental System – Next Generation (NITES Next)

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