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From database and application software systems to border, coastal, air, and mobile surveillance products, we have extensive experience working with unique and advanced technology and in diverse and remote locations. Our expert team of analysts, engineers and business professionals are dedicated to understanding and executing the requirements of our customers.

Our focus for our personalized solutions and turnkey products is in three main areas: custom software and technology solutions, innovative security and surveillance systems, and ongoing mission support and professional management services designed to help ensure your success.

FSI is an Award-Winning Technology and Professional Services Company

Software and Systems design, development and engineering for the Department of Defense and Commercial Enterprise Clients

Data Science, Machine Learning and advanced GIS Application Development

IT, Cybersecurity and Risk Management Services

Global security and surveillance solutions and ForSIGHT our unique line of border and coastal surveillance products

Financial and Program Management Services supporting Navy modernization initiatives

METOC and In-Service Engineering Services