Gain easy access to the data and information you need to make informed decisions through custom software engineering solutions.

Whether you represent a government or commercial organization, FSI's software engineering solutions will help you develop next-generation information dominance technology.

Working with both U.S. and international customers, our extensive experience will help move projects through all phases of software engineering, including:

  • Leveraging CMMI Maturity Level 3 appraised, agile software engineering processes
  • Understanding customer specific project requirements
  • Solving the trickiest programming problems
  • Using proprietary software such as IBM, Oracle, Mark Logic, and Esri for some projects, and developing solutions with open source technologies such as Geoserver, Ozone Widget Framework, and World Wind for others
  • Communicating frequently to ensure priorities are established and followed through project completion

From design and development to integration, testing, and deployment, FSI engineers will work seamlessly with your team to provide innovative, cost-effective software engineering solutions.

Case Study: Maritime Domain Awareness Software Support

For the U.S. Navy’s Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Computers, Communication, and Intelligence (PEO C4I), FSI helped design, develop, and deliver software solutions for Maritime Tactical Command and Control (MTC2) and Naval Integrated Tactical Environmental Systems – Next Generation (NITES-Next), which was created for deployment on the new Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) environment.

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