Provide software testing, sustainment, incremental improvement, and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) experimentation for the Dynamic Enterprise Integration Platform (DEIP) and Track Assessment and Anomaly Detection – Maritime (TAANDEM) for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific (SSC PAC).

FSI provided software engineering teams and their expertise to the Maritime Domain Awareness SSA and SAIC as the prime contractor, in order to support the DEIP/TAANDEM sustained prototype. 

DEIP is currently fielded at nine separate sites across the globe, and is used operationally by the US Navy and Coast Guard for monitoring commercial and non-military shipping. 


Provide support for testing and evaluation of incremental improvements, defect correction, information assurance, documentation, help desk, and developmental efforts related to deliveries to operational centers.

Develop security and SOA enabling technologies to allow the DEIP FusionObjects to be exposed as a webservice to a diverse client base outside of the operational base.


Documentation of the delivered NRL DEIP and TAANDEM Systems

Evaluation of code compliance with NESI best practices

Maintenance and support of the DEIP/TAANDEM operationally deployed systems.

SOA experimentation with provided DEIP/TAANDEM data for use in GCCS and other C2 Systems in collaboration with AFRL, FGM, and others