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FSI Announces New Asia-Pacific Portfolio Manager, Honolulu, HI

On 1 June 2020, the President and CEO of Forward Slope, Inc., Mr. Carlos A. Persichetti, announced the hiring of a new Asia-Pacific Portfolio Manager, stationed in Honolulu, HI.  Coming aboard the FSI Team is Retired Navy Captain Thomas M. Millard. Mr. Millard brings over 20 years of Defense Industry experience to this key Managerial position including 5 years as a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Mr. Millard is also a practicing attorney, licensed in both California and Hawaii. In his new position, Mr. Millard will lead FSI’s professional Asia-Pacific Team as well as oversee the broadening of FSI’s DoD support role in the Pacific Theater. Under Mr. Millard, Forward Slope is looking to expand their core Asia-Pacific corporate expertise in cutting-edge technical, operational, and financial consulting services to the DoD, coalition partner nations and enterprise clients (in aerospace, banking, construction, and real estate).  FSI’s Asia-Pacific portfolio currently supports Guam MILCON projects for the U.S. Marine Corps Pacific Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI) and the U.S. Naval Information Warfare Center, Pacific with engineering and technical subject matter expertise.

“FSI is honored to be bringing Mr. Thomas Millard onboard as our new Asia Pacific Portfolio Manager in Honolulu, Hi. Thom has an extraordinary background in both the Pacific Theater, developed throughout his impressive Naval Career, as well as significant experience in Corporate Team Leadership. FSI sees strong growth opportunities in the Pacific and we look forward to Thom’s leadership in growing our productive relationship in this critical operational Theater”.  Mr. Carlos A. Persichetti, President and CEO, Forward Slope, Inc.

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