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FSI Awarded The Jericho Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Task. This is FSI’s first SBIR Phase I Prime Award

On 30 June 2021 Forward Slope Inc, (FSI) was awarded the Enhanced Situational Awareness Through Smart Geospatial Comparative Analysis Award otherwise known as The Jericho Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Award.

Under the Jericho SBIR Award, FSI’s Team is conducting a study to determine optimum algorithms to perform advanced analytics on geospatial and non-geospatial data, with an emphasis on temporal data alignment and explanatory representations. Abductive reasoning scale questions will be addressed by investigating architectural mechanisms for containerizing and distributing temporal period identification and abductive reasoning algorithms.

Recent research by the Forward Slope, Inc. (FSI) team in causal reasoning and learning offers an opportunity to help Navy operators link together event data to automatically generate and visualize actionable answers to explanatory “why” questions across the kill chain. The SBIR will seek to explain the Find Fix Track Target Engage Assess (F2T2EA) process such as Fix questions including “why did a targeted ship change course?” and Track questions, including “why did we lose contact with a monitored high value adversary track?”.  Such explanations, which can be answered by abductive causal reasoning, are needed for operators if they are to disambiguate threatening changes in enemy posture from more benign changes in enemy course due to them avoiding areas of high sea state. Algorithms for generating visual representations of causal explanations will be explored within PMW-150’s Command and Control eXperimental (C2X) / Isinglass Common Operational Picture (COP) display architecture. Forward Slope, Inc. (FSI) is the architect of C2X.

The Jericho Team (FSI and Soar Technology) is the developer of Isinglass. Integrating this causal reasoning approach with the team’s geospatial display architecture will enable PMW-150 to deliver an advanced multi-datatype COP display capability that will accelerate Navy decision-making.

According to FSI’s Principal, and past Chief Technology Officer Mr. Dale McIntosh (Now the Chief Engineer of MTC2), this Phase I Prime SBIR is the culmination of many years of hard work developing our corporate technology and a senior technological engineering team and recognition from our customer of FSI’s contribution to Navy Command and Control. “

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