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FSI Mentors Our Lady of Peace (OLP) High School Robotics Team

FSI has been sponsoring the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) catholic girls’ high school’s FIRST robotics team for a few years now. After this season's game unveiling in January, the FSI technical Mentors, Maddy Horn, Elizabeth LaForest, Jenny Tran, Ashley Mendoza, and Darren Tung ran an outstanding job preparing content for each OLP Training session as well as conducting the integrated training. There were virtual trainings on Zoom that covered a wide range of engineering topics (Git, Sensors Basics, Ultrasonic Sensors, Slalom Challenge). Between sessions, there were in person meetings hosted at our FSI headquarters in San Diego Ca. 

On March 25, the girls competed in the San Diego Regional FIRST Robotics Competition, which was held at UCSD. According to their robotics teacher, the girls had a great weekend, finishing with four victories and five losses in the group stages, their finest showing in recent years. Following some technical challenges in the first round, the girls used their problem-solving abilities to rapidly get the robot, dubbed Flo, back up and running in time for the remaining rounds.

FSI’s Robotics Program Mentors Team Lead, Maddy Horn stated, “Some of our FSI mentors attended the competition to witness the robot and girls in action. It's been fantastic to witness the girls mature while improving their coding, collaboration, and leadership abilities. We can't wait to get started next season and build on our triumphs and weaknesses from this season. We're hoping to do even better next season!"


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