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FSI Successfully Mentors Our Lady of Peace (OLP) High School Robotics Team

SAN DIEGO, CA. 20 May 2021 - FSI-OLP Robotics Mentoring Program Update from the FSI Team Lead, Mrs. Shruti Ghate. In an ongoing Annual Program, FSI Team Lead, Mrs. Shruti Ghate summarized the FSI-OLP Robotics Program 2021 as a successful Season. Under Mrs. Ghate mentorship, and supported by four FSI Engineers Clay Rivetti, Betty Lin, Darren Tung, and Jake Eklund who were the Technical Mentors, an OLP High School student engineering team competed for two Robotics Program awards in 2021. The award categories were: The Engineering Award and The Autonomous Course Award.  In the competition, the students interview for the Engineering Award went very well and they answered numerous technical questions and submitted images/videos of the robot. They received praise for their professional performance. In the Autonomous Course competition, their Robot had some unrepairable last-minute issues, and they were unable to submit it for the Autonomous testing.

The FSI Technical Mentors, Clay, Betty, Darren, and Jake  did an incredible job putting together material for each OLP Training sessions as well as conducting the integrated training. There were five virtual trainings over Zoom that covered many engineering topics (Git, Sensors Basics, Ultrasonic Sensors, Slalom Challenge) and up to 10 students were able to attend each session. In between the sessions, there followed excellent intercommunication over email/phone calls with the faculty and students. And on one occasion, Clay and Jake were able to go onsite at OLP to help with the wiring.

After this year’s successes, FSI has been requested to again serve as Engineering Robotics Program Mentors for the OLP Team in the next School year and we plan to start meeting again in September for an early start that will allow the Mentors and OLP Student Engineers time to study and prepare in greater depth for next year’s competition. Next year’s goal is to build the Robot chassis from scratch instead of using last year’s base. The students are excited of the possibility of coming in person to FSI Headquarters for some meetings (and enjoying In and Out burgers). The faculty/student leads are planning to keep in touch with Mrs. Ghate over the summer.

FSI’s Robotics Program Mentors Team Lead, Mrs. Shruti Ghate stated, “FSI continues it wonderful program of our Corporate Industry Teaming with young OLP High School engineers. It’s a win win four our talented engineers to give back as role models to future engineers testing the professional world of engineering. We look forward to improving our interaction in the next round of Robotic Competition. Again, thanks to the FSI Mentors and congratulations to all of the student engineers at OLP who participated. ”

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