Welk Resorts Group provides timeshare and vacation rental opportunities at locations in California and Missouri. Amenities include golf, entertainment, fine dining, and access to nearby attractions. FSI was tasked to create a real-time, Web-based means of providing access to sales, marketing, and product data for the Finance and Marketing teams.


FSI was tasked with providing online access to sales, marketing, and product data reports. Welk Resorts Group wanted to eliminate the reliance on utilizing disparate Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets to create financial reports. Welk Resorts Group also wanted to eliminate the manual shuttling of data between the different data sources which was resulting in many data-entry related problems. Finally, Welk Resorts Group wanted to allow Finance and Marketing personnel to obtain information via the Corporate Intranet without relying on any special client software.



FSI implemented a complete, integrated, and modern Web-based reporting solution that was able to connect to and aggregate data from multiple data sources including the primary Timeshare management software used by Welk Reorts Group as well as their internal Microsoft SQL Server-based database.  FSI helped develop the internal database structures to hold the aggregated data required for the reports. FSI then adapted its proprietary XML Rules Engine to provide a flexible tool for the creation and update of the complex business rules required for the Welk Resorts Group reports. Finally, FSI built a Web-based portal that provides management with immediate access to the reports and the ability to create new reports / views into corporate data. In addition to streamlined access to the data, the new system also eliminated the manual data manipulation steps previously required and helped in significantly reducing the time and cost of producing the reports.

Welk Resorts Group