FSI has provided financial management support services to a variety of SPAWAR clients since 2003. For example, FSI provides financial management support services to the Undersea Warfare and Ship Integration Program Offices, to include supporting all aspects of their Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) processes. On behalf of our clients, FSI is responsible for preparing informational briefs for various audiences (Congress, OPNAV, PEO C4I Front Office), which integrate financial data with program management, logistics, and other inputs to assist our clients with informed decision making. Our personnel develop budget exhibits for all cycles and appropriations, including writing issue papers. FSI is also responsible for overall financial execution, including providing expert operational use of Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (Navy ERP) and providing financial data to multiple programs in support of their Program Health Assessment and Risk Reports, the ASN-RDA Digital Dashboard report, and numerous program acquisition data calls in support of the acquisition process. This includes facilitating the continuous feedback loop from the clients’ financial community to the program management/acquisition community, which ensures overall improved program management and implementation.

In addition to our support written above, FSI also serves as the Navy ERP business process and training lead for the SPAWAR Business Resource Management Office where FSI is responsible for serving as financial execution and SAP technical authorities. In this role, FSI develops financial “best practices”, creates and implements Cross-Navy Command Navy ERP execution processes, and provides end user training in support of our client objectives. Our role includes extensive support of Navy ERP to include data integrity, help desk support, best practices development, as well as support to other existing Navy financial management systems. For example, FSI was involved in the functional design of Navy ERP and involved in the conversion of financial data from legacy systems into Navy ERP during its “go-live” period. Of note, FSI has provided training to end users in several different ERP modules and across the SPAWAR Organization. At present, FSI personnel conducts Navy ERP training for SPAWAR employees within the financial and program management communities and our experience within Navy ERP includes all facets of implementation to include Role Mapping and User Account Management. Moving forward, as the Navy ERP Project Systems Technical Area Expert, FSI personnel will assist our clients in fully implementing both the FIAR (Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness) and Navy ECMF (Enterprise Cost Management Framework) initiatives across the SPAWAR Enterprise.