As the ISEA, FSI develops innovative engineering solutions and upgrades to improve the reliability, maintainability, safety, and effectiveness of installed technology systems on air, land, or sea based on customer driven support requests and new technology support requirements.

The METMF/Next Generation (NEXGEN) Program is backed by SPAWAR and SPAWAR System Center. Sponsored by the PEO C4I/PMW120 / Participants are: OPNAV/USMC.  

The METMF/NEXGEN project is a transportable system designed to provide tactical meteorology & oceanography support to the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The system provides data collection, atmospheric analysis, radio communications, and product dissemination. Data is received from satellite imagery, Doppler RADAR, Upper Air soundings, HF and UHF radios, and surface sensors. It has evolved over the years to be more mobile, scalable, and more technologically advanced to include a modeling capability. Currently the METMF(R) is sunsetting and the NEXGEN will begin fielding 4QFY12. 

This Mobile System is used by Marine Corps weather service personnel assigned to Marine Task Force and Aviation units. FSI is contracted to enhance the capabilities of these teams/units to provide Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) support at mobile, remote locations, often in harsh environments.


Operational Relevance/Major Accomplishments

Operational Relevance:

• Store observed and forecast METOC information

• Assess the impacts of present and forecast METOC conditions

• Provide METOC data to tactical USMC decision-makers

• Provide operational briefing tool

Major Accomplishments, Products, Deliverables, Future Milestones:

• FRP of NEXGEN with FRP1 planned for Sep 2012 as EDM

• Lifecycle support for 11 METMF(R)’s

• Monthly Software Updates (IAVA compliance)

• C&A Activities  (New ATO received Jan 2012/FISMA compliance)

• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to include PBL-O (Approx 86 requisitions per yr)

• Enterprise Change Requests (ECR)

• Configuration Management (CM)