FSI is presently the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) supporting the NITES IV Fielded (AN/UMK-4) Program backed by SPAWAR and SPAWAR System Center. Sponsored by the PEO C4I/PMW120 / Participants are: CNMOC, NAVICP. 

As the ISEA, FSI develops innovative engineering solutions and upgrades to improve the reliability, maintainability, safety, and effectiveness of installed technology systems on air, land, or sea based on customer driven support requests and new technology support requirements. 

NITES IV is the remaining active variant for the Legacy TESS/NITES program. NITES IV is portable and modular, allowing deployment of the minimum subsystem hardware and software configuration needed to support each mission and thus highly mobile without degraded performance. NITES IV is used by deployable Navy Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC) teams operating aboard Unit Level ships and at undeveloped shore sites, and by Marine Corps METOC weather service personnel assigned to Fleet Marine Force (FMF) units.

The system enhances the capabilities of these teams/units to provide Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) support at remote locations, often in harsh environments.

Operational Relevance/Major Accomplishments

Operational Relevance:

Store observed and forecast METOC information

Assess the impacts of present and forecast METOC conditions

Provide METOC data to tactical military decision-makers

Provide operational briefing tool

Major Accomplishments, Products, Deliverables, Future Milestones:

Completed NITES IV software build V2.1

Obtained ATO, ICR, JITC for NITES IV V2.1

Delivered  NITES IV V2.1

Extended NITES IV V2.0 ATO for deployed ships

Completed COMM Case upgrade ECR

Laptop/HDD/INMARSAT ECR- April 2012